How To Get Followers On Instagram?

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Instagram is a social media channel for people looking to grow their personal brand through the use of visual content. Instagram has a growing number of users with an increase of 500 million active monthly users. Users can post photos and videos they have taken using their own account or they can follow popular accounts to see what they post.

how to get followers on instagram

However, How to get followers on Instagram? There are a variety of ways to get followers on Instagram, and this article explores each of them.

How to Easily Increase Instagram Followers?

Have a thoughtful Instagram marketing strategy

You need a plan to make the most of any social network.

It’s a worthy goal for anyone to get more Instagram followers. However, just having more followers won’t make you an Instagram success. You must have a plan to gain followers that are connected to your business strategy.

Consider the reasons you want to increase your Instagram followers. What are you hoping to achieve? Perhaps you’d like to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost product sales
  • Drive traffic to your site.

These business-oriented goals will keep your Instagram account consistent. This will allow you to tell a compelling brand story, which appeals to new profiles and helps you build (and maintain) a loyal following.

Optimize Your Instagram Account

how to get followers on instagram 2

Before you start figuring out how to get followers on Instagram, it is essential to optimize your account. Your brand’s Instagram bio is your homepage.

How will people recognize that your account is associated with your brand if it doesn’t have a bio, image captions, or a profile image? Although it may seem obvious, Instagram’s bio and image are key elements of your brand identity. Optimizing your account is key to driving Instagram traffic to your website.

If you are unsure, you can link to marketing pages or product pages related to specific keywords, hashtags, or campaigns via your Instagram account. Although connecting to your homepage is fine, why not provide a seamless experience for users when they move from your bio to a website? This has resulted in the popularity of IG’s link landing pages.

These pages host the relevant links to the last pieces of content mentioned by a brand on its feed. They also have Link in bio posts that direct audiences to those linked links.

Also, make sure your username is search-friendly. This usually means staying true to your brand name. Reduce the length of your business name to something that your audience can recognize. Your username should not contain special characters or numbers. If possible, keep it in line with any other social media handles that you have.

An Instagram marketing strategy is the best way to optimize your Instagram account. Get our free guide to help you get started.

Create a consistent brand story

Perhaps you are curious about how your product is made. To humanize your brand, you could share the perspective of an employee. You could showcase the achievements or lifestyles of your customers to help positively position your brand.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are; it is essential to keep your brand consistent.

You should be able to identify your posts at a glance. Your Instagram grid should be viewed as one unit. Instagram Stories can be used to share content that isn’t in line with your main feed.

Use keywords for searches

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People can only follow you on Instagram if they find you. Instagram’s text is not searchable. In reality, Instagram only has two fields that can be searched: username and name.

Your Instagram username is your username. It is a good idea for your username to be consistent with other social media handles. This makes it easier to find you. You can use your brand name, or a variant of it, when people search for your brand.

You can name your child anything up to 30 characters. Keyword stuffing is not a good idea. However, it can be helpful to include the most relevant keyword in your name field to increase search engine discoverability.

Avoid Fake Instagram Followers

It is a big difference between an Instagram account with fake followers and one that has real followers. Although it might be tempting to buy Instagram followers, the negative consequences of this practice outweigh the benefits of organic growth.

Fake Instagram followers are:

You can trick new followers into following you: An inactive Instagram account with thousands of followers will make it less credible. Do not trick people into following your account. For better engagement, build trust and maintain long-lasting relationships.

There is no ROI: Although it may seem more straightforward to buy followers on Instagram, your unmanned new followers or acquired bots won’t be buying anything. Instagram users follow brands for one reason: They like the content you post or your company. These people are actual spenders and can add monetary value to your company.

You can create little to no buzz: How many people will comment, like, and share your content if you have 10,000 fake followers? Instagram will most likely delete these bot accounts or fake accounts, and your posts will look like engagement graveyards.

You can allow real people to comment, like, comment, and share your Instagram posts. These users also enjoy receiving responses from others.

Use Hashtags for Instagram Followers

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Experts will tell you that you should only use five to eleven hashtags or other random numbers. When I was creating my Instagram store, I didn’t listen to their advice and went wild.

I would copy and paste a list from my phone to my app. Sometimes, I would change it up to try new hashtags. I eventually figured out which ones worked best for me.

Usually, I would go for 30 hashtags. This is the magic number.

The truth is that you only need to add those hashtags in your first comment. As your page engagement increases, nobody will ever see the original comment. They’re too busy tagging their friends in your post.

People can see your work when you first start. If your goal is to increase visibility, adding more hashtags is the best way to achieve it. Your posts will rank higher in search results for hashtag keywords as you gain more followers. This will give you even greater visibility.

Your hashtags should be niche-specific to increase your chances of being found by relevant audiences. This will allow you to grow your Instagram followers.

If you are selling fashion, avoid using generic hashtags such as #love and #picoftheday.

Use location Tags to Get Followers From Your Vicinity

Possible to tag your location on Instagram Stories to find your posts and stories. The location tag, which identifies where you are or the location from which the video or image was taken, allows you to make your posts searchable. It will enable you to categorize your posts with all content that has been tagged in the same area.

Local businesses can use these geotags to make it easier to follow and find your Instagram account. You can also add a location sticker to your Stories so that each location has its own Story and Instagram hashtags.

Showcase Your Instagram Everywhere

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If you don’t promote your Instagram, how are people going to discover it? Your Instagram account should be listed on your website as well as other social networks.

One of the best ways to be discovered is to create visibility and awareness. You can get more followers on Instagram by letting people know where you are located. To promote social sharing across all networks and show people where you are on Instagram, add social media buttons to blogs or websites.

Cross-promoting across social media accounts is another great idea. The Museum of Modern Art uses Twitter to spread awareness about their Instagram account. Your other social networks can be used to direct people to your Instagram.

But, you should not ask for followers. You should promote original content on Instagram to give users a reason to follow your account. Thanks to Instagram’s new video features, Stories, IGTV, and Reels, you have a fantastic opportunity to grow your followers with creative content.

Design an Instagram grid that is beautiful

Although it may seem obvious, this is a crucial point to remember when you think about gaining followers on Instagram. Each post you make on Instagram must be visually appealing and of high quality.

Your profile content should inspire new users to visit your site. This is what inspires new visitors to click Follow.

Follow people who like competing Instagram pages

You need to find people who are passionate about your brand to increase your Instagram followers.

Which are your top Instagram competitors? Notify them. Next, look at their posts to see who is commenting on them. Follow them and interact with them.

Remember that Instagram allows you to choose from smaller competitors.

Why? Because, despite being in the same niche, if you were trying to sell makeup brushes and engage people on Sephora’s website, there is a chance they aren’t the right audience. Customers who are loyal to larger brands tend to be more loyal.

But, if a competitor has 100,000 followers, they might not be as loyal to your brand.

Try not to sound too sales when commenting on posts from those you follow.

Never use the same comment on every message you send.

Answer their question if they post it.

For inspiration and ideas, you can also check out the comments posted by others.

You’ll build your Instagram followers organically by following people and engaging with them.

Create Instagram guides that attract new followers to your account

Instagram guides are a way to share fun and educational content with your followers. Users can easily consume helpful tips and recommendations using the content format. An IG Guide allows you to add text, titles, headers, and even curate images and videos (that you have published on your feed).

A Guide can be created about:

  • A place-review a city, sports venue, exotic location, etc.
  • A product – guide the products in your Instagram Shop
  • A post – Create a thread from your posts with headlines, commentary, and other information
  • Click the plus sign in the upper-right corner of your Instagram profile. Choose Guide and then tap the appropriate option.

Instagram allows users to share guides in DMs or across Stories. If you publish a few quality Guides, others will naturally be inclined to share them with their friends.

The Instagram algorithm favors engagement-based posts, so if many people share your guide, it might appear in more people’s feeds. You can gain many new followers by creating an Instagram guide.

Pin your most memorable comments

Instagram allows you to pin up to three comments per post.

You have a few options to use this feature in your strategy for increasing your Instagram followers.

You can use pinned comments to expand your caption beyond the limit of 2,200 characters. Continue the story in the comments. This allows you to tell more detail and is more suitable for certain accounts.

You can also pin favorite comments from other users to your profile, especially if they generate a lot of engagement.

This new feature can be used in any way you like. It will help you manage your posts and create more chances for connection and engagement.

Make Instagram happy for your followers

Last but not least, if you make your followers happy on Instagram, you will see an increase in audience growth. You’ve been given many tips on how to schedule content and brainstorm. Now it’s time to put these tips into practice. Avoid being too sales-driven, robotic, or needy.

This means that you should sprinkle in legitimately intended posts to bring smiles to your followers’ faces and build customer relations. Make sure to share content with your followers like you would friends on your account: This could include sharing memes, inspirational content, or just re-sharing photos and artwork that will give your followers some mental lift.


What happens when you get 1000 followers on Instagram?

People will start to take you more seriously. That’s something you should take advantage of. If there are people taking you seriously, they will likely want to get to know you better. Once you get to 1000 followers, you should definitely look into getting sponsored.

How many Instagram followers do you need to get paid?

Having a large number of followers on Instagram is important if you want to make money. You need to have at least 1000 followers to make the most out of the platform.

Does Instagram pay you?

No, Instagram does not pay creators. If you want to get paid for your content, then use another social network such as Snapchat. The good thing about Instagram is that it’s free. You just need to use tools like InstaBoost to get more followers.

Is posting every day on Instagram good?

Posting every day on Instagram is generally not advisable. Instagram is an ideal place to share your thoughts, photos, and things you are passionate about.

But posting every day usually lacks creativity, especially if you are taking several screenshots of text messages or sharing the same type of photo over and over again. This will lead to followers feeling like they are being spammed by the account, and then they will stop following it.

How many followers do you need on Instagram to get a blue tick?

There are a lot of factors to consider when determining how many followers you need on Instagram to get a blue tick. Your account’s engagement, like-to-follower ratio, and the number of followers that your posts receive will be taken into consideration. If your posts receive a lot of likes and comments, you could reach an engagement level that gives you a blue tick.

What are the most popular hashtags on Instagram?

Instagram has 6 most popular hashtags, which are: #love, #funny, #travel, #picoftheday, #best of the day, and #photos.


In conclusion, it’s important to remember that the key to succeeding on Instagram is being original. Each person has a unique perspective and a different story to tell. Find a way to share your story in a unique way and it will find a way to resonate with others.

From this guide, I hope you now know how to increase your followers on Instagram. Please leave a comment below with any questions you have about Instagram marketing. I’ll be happy to answer them.