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What is a Hashtag? - blog 😳

✓ Instagram hashtags
✓ How to use them
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75% of Instagram users to do not live in the US 😳

✓ Worldwide used Instagram
✓ Young users

How to use instazoom 😁

instazoom's design has been completely redesigned to provide our users with a fast and intuitive service. All you have to do is enter the Instazoom username in our search bar and press the search button. You'll see the profile picture, highlights, posts and stories of the profile you're looking for. Important: In order to help you during your visits to our website, we offer the function to display last searched profiles. You will also receive suggestions for possible Instagram usernames during your searches.

About us 😎

We are a team of web designers and programmers from Germany who have been working with the instazoom website for about a year now. instazoom allows its users to enlarge Instagram profile pictures in original quality.
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